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Now with Smoother Top Layer
Making outside of duct easier to clean.

VentFlex™ ducting is engineered for high performance in rental applications, designed to take the abuse of virtually any job site. VentFlex™ ducting is made with high quality 14oz vinyl with high tear, shear, and flex abrasion resistance and is manufactured with our unique  Tuffguard™ wear strip which provides 360° protection around the entire length of the hose, making it ideal for air conditioning, dehumidification, or mild heating applications. We also manufacture Insulated VentFlex ducting which is produced with 5 effective insulated layers. For more information or questions on our Insulated options please contact us.



Standard Available Diameters: 4″ to 60″
Standard Available Lengths: 12′ to 50′
Standard Available Colors: Yellow & White standard; Black upon request
Standard Wearstrip Colors: Black, White
Temperature Range (°F)
Base Fabric Resistance: UV, Rot, and Flame Resistant material

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